…do we really need another meme token?

the question that no one is asking: what this token does? Release huge airdrops? NO. Staking Rewards X1000? NO. Is it a scam? May be NOT! Return back your LUNA losses? NO. Will be listed on Binance one day? N/A (ask CZ on twitter). Is it influencer friendly? NOPE,  most are just mercenary with “opinions”.

IRONEMESIS hero hates scammers, hackers, bots, scalpers on new projects, fud, fraudulent behaviors, anonymous dumpers, malicious creators, laundering bankers, predator exchanges. 

IRONEMESIS just stand up against these motherfuckers.

Fight for crypto justice and freedom… ventures and challenges will appear here represented with draws, music, videos, paintings, NFT, etc. by the friends that will support our Manifesto. Artists may be paid too if we get some fund (legally), donation wallet eth-bnb: 0x62ab75f58365c3c69398489dfa0c971bB6A3eaaE (never know, may be Elon decides to support our Hero).

Distributed on BSC Blockchain with a Total Supply of token $IRONMS says “I believe in a better crypto world”.

Courtesy 1st concept image by Cristina Schiavo (thanks).