Art & Charity

Tokens in this section will embrace our heart and soul. Sponsorship of emerging artists with a worldwide standing will return huge benefit by their large audience on socials. Part of supply gradually donated to international organization active in Child Support, Ecology and Animal Rescue.


The majority of charities around the world are funded mostly through government grants or contributions, and charities in the same industry compete for the same grant money year after year. This has made fundraising more difficult. In fact, it’s been harder to solicit cash through normal fundraising activities, such as in-person fundraising events or face-to-face donation drives, after more than a year of COVID-19-related lockdowns.

While there are some major charities embracing crypto donations, it has not been commercialized. This means that there is a significant market opportunity for blockchain players to act and implement more efforts to help charities profit from decentralized financing. Right now, any blockchain or project that wants to work with charitable organizations may do so on an equal playing field.

The Art & Charity section of the Nemesis Ecosystem is designed to support the community and embrace our hearts and souls. Through this section, sponsored rising musicians with a global following will reap tremendous rewards from their larger social media following. Additionally, a portion of the token supply will be donated to international charities that support children, the environment, and animal rescue.

Fortune and retribution.

The word nemesis originally meant the distributor of fortune, neither good nor bad, simply in due proportion to each according to what was deserved.

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